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How to submit diseased potato samples for identification.

As a service to Idaho potato growers the University of Idaho potato pathology program will provide identification of diseased potato samples. For full instructions on how to submit a diseased foliar or tuber sample download the instructions here. In order to submit a sample for disease identification you will have to complete the Request for Disease Identification form. Please fill out the form and send it with your sample. Send plant samples packed so that they arrive in a sound condition. In general, that means samples should be shipped in a padded envelope or sturdy container to avoid getting crushed. We cannot identify diseases from crushed potatoes, leaves, or stems. Samples should also be sent by overnight courier to avoid weekend layovers so that samples arrive in a sound condition, we cannot identify diseases from totally rotten tubers or decayed leaves. Once you have completed the Request for Disease Identification form mail it with your sample to:

Potato Pathology
University of Idaho
Aberdeen Research and Extension Center
1693 S 2700 W
Aberdeen, ID 83210

Phone: (208) 397-4181
Fax: (208) 397-4311

Samples which are received without an attached completed Request for Disease Identification form will not be processed.
Samples submitted for disease identification cannot be returned.
A fee of $50 (US dollars) will be charged for samples submited from outside the state of Idaho.
We strongly encourage out-of-state clients to contact their own state Cooperative Extension System. Also note in most cases a license from the US Department of Agriculture is required to send diseased plant tissue between states.